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Member Testimonials

I joined PBGN as a Charter Member in 1993 after running into a few of the ladies starting a league at Jersey Meadows Golf Course. Over the years, I have made friendships with some of the best ladies. While PBGN gives us the opportunity for all skill levels to play great courses in the Houston area, it's the lasting friendships I treasure most dear! --- Nancy Meyers
PBGN is a great organization for ladies on and off the course! It has been my outlet for 20 years- golfing many courses around the Houston area, having fun at social events, and making special friendships! --- Judy Brown
PBGN offers a platform to work on improving my game while enjoying the friendships of all the membership. I specifically enjoy "Match Play". This competition makes me focus and gives me insight on my game. --- Rose Shaw
I love playing courses all over Houston. PBGN does all the work in arranging the tee times and I just show up. I have great ladies in my foursome - some are old friends and some are sure to be new friends. --- Mary Dees